Compliance & Ethics

Compliance & Ethics

Our core values – integrity, honesty and respect for the law have underpinned success of companies associated with PGMB. Commitment to these values is and has always been a fundamental requirement of every CRH employee. We are committed to ensuring that we maintain the highest standards of business ethics in everything we do, with all our stakeholders, wherever we operate.

Our Compliance & Ethics Programme helps all our employees to live up to these values. It presents practical guidelines to ensure that we follow the law, make ethical decisions and above all, abide by our guiding principle that there is never a good business reason to do the wrong thing.


Code of Business Conduct (4 MB)
CRH Supplier Code of Conduct
(285 kB).

New-Code CRH-Supplier

The Country Compliance Coordinator
is available at:

CRH Poland