Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability will continue to underpin our success as a Group. We continue to focus on achieving the highest standards of environmental management and control, and on pro-actively addressing the challenges of climate change.

We have extensive programmes in place to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of alternative fuels, achieve air emission reductions, optimise water use, reduce waste and increase recycling obliging us to:
> comply as a minimum, with all applicable environmental legislation and continuously improve our environmental stewardship, aiming all the time to meet or exceed industry best practice,
> ensure that our employees and contractors respect their environmental responsibilities,
> address proactively the challenges and opportunities of climate change,
> optimise our use of energy and all resources,
> promote environmentally-driven product and process innovation and new business opportunities,
> develop positive relationships and strive to be good neighbours in every community.

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Environmental Protection Forum
Thank you for participation in Environmental Protection Forum organized in cooperation with powermeetings.eu (Sandomierz, 6–7.11.2014). Report on this event is available here.

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Integration picnic
Grupa Ożarów along with the local school in Ożarów and the head of the Opatów county organized for the first time an event called “The environment of my dreams” in a form of an integration picnic.

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Energetic willow cultivation
AgriForm Sp. z o.o. owned by Grupa Ożarów S.A. is one of the basic business fields of agriculture focused on energetic willow cultivation.

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