Energetic Willow Cultivation

Energetic Willow Cultivation

AgriForm Ltd. is subsidiary of Grupa Ożarów specializing in energetic willow cultivation on a farm located in the Ożarów commune since 2003. The willow field covers 104 hectares near the cement plant in the villages of Potok and Gliniany.

Due to specific technical parameters, direct use of willow as fuel (“green energy”) in the cement kiln is not possible mainly due to high moisture content. However, since 2010 it has been used as a fuel by the Power Plant in Stalowa Wola.

The willow should be cultivated for 25 years while harvesting is undertaken in 3 years cycles. After each cutting, it needs to be fertilized. Other agro-technical care is not necessary due to its strong roots.

An important aspect of this activity is environmental protection in the neighborhood of the cement plant. Also, the land around cement plant is in use with some subsidies from the European Union for cultivation of energetic willow as a source of green energy.

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