Express road S7 Zakopianka

CRH companies in Poland have joined efforts to design a unique and innovative offer for the construction of the express road S7 “Zakopianka”, its bridges and its two tunnels – the longest ones in Poland. The two construction companies in charge of the project, Astaldi and Salini Impregilo, have awarded Bosta Beton with the contracts relating to the delivery of more than 500km3 of the concrete required, for a value exceeding 40m€. The technologists of Bosta Beton (Rmx), Trzuskawica (Aggregates & Lime) Grupa Ożarów (Cement) have joined efforts to design recipes of a frost-proof ready-mixed concrete resistant above 50 MPa, and of a sprayed concrete (‘shotcrete’). Because of the technology chosen for the construction of the tunnel, shotcrete is a crucial part of the whole process. In the course of tunnel drilling, the walls and vaults are protected by a temporary housing from sprayed concrete and then, after drilling consecutive 70-80 m segments a permanent housing of high-strength C50/60 concrete is formed by a special formwork.

The concrete used for the bridges of this project are based on a recipe combining, both for the first time in Poland, the CEM I 42.5 Portland cement produced by Grupa Ożarów and a crushed-stone aggregates from carbonate deposit specifically produced for this purpose by Trzuskawica.

The project, located in mountainous area, is subject to high environmental standards. The limited warehouse storage area of Bosta Beton production sites in such environment has besides led the CRH companies to design a highly performing logistical chain the ensure smooth and permanent supply of the construction site. The construction of the “Zakopianka” will also use some 10.000t of ‘Trzuskar’ HSD, a new product launched by Trzuskawica on the market in 2017. ‘Trzuskar’ is a mix of burnt lime and fly ashes used for soil stabilization of construction site. Its recipe both concurs to a global positive environmental impact and most adequately fits with the type of the soil.

CRH companies in Poland are leveraging their technological know-how, and innovation capabilities, dedicated to offer the large infrastructure projects planned in Poland with the offers best fitting the needs and constraints of each project. They are also engaged in the construction of a northern part of the S7, close to Gdansk, where Bosta Beton was awarded with the delivery of some 300km3.

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