Polbruk Lumia – a new product to light up spaces

Polbruk S.A.

A concrete sett that glows in the dark
Dimensions: 10 x 20 cm
Thickness: 6 cm

Available colors: steel, basalt, white

Smooth surface

Polbruk, a national leader in its industry, introduces a concrete sett that glows in the dark. This spectacular effect stems from the addition of luminophores, which were used to manufacture the product. What is Polbruk Lumia used for?

Polbruk Lumia is the first concrete sett on the market to have the feature of luminescence. By day, it does not stand out by anything special from other products on offer, it is monochrome, it has the durability and high load resistance typical for concrete. But after nightfall, the pavement laid using this sett starts to glow in blue. What is important, the sett is self-sufficient, which means that the light does not need any additional power source, making it a groundbreaking, environmentally-friendly building product. How is this possible?

The Polbruk Lumia sett contains special synthetic substances – luminophores – that absorb energy during the day and emit it in the form of light at night. This feature makes some extremely decorative arrangements possible, gaining a magical aura after dark. At the same time, all city sidewalks and passageways made using this product will be safer for both pedestrians and cyclists. The product also organizes the space and should be used to clearly separate car traffic routes from bicycle or pedestrian routes.

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